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Our Mission

CYCLE Kids is committed to strengthening the emotional and physical health of children by giving them the skills to lead active and healthy lifestyles, using the fun and practical skill of riding a bike.

We believe the vital, simple, and captivating skill of riding a bike changes lives.  We also believe children need to get up and move during the day so they can better focus on their academic work.

The CYCLE Kids mission is to engage children in physical activity to address the health and emotional issues facing today’s under-active, often overweight, children. Our program is founded on the idea that good health is holistic: nutrition, physical activity, intellectual stimulation, and emotional well-being are all related facets of overall wellness. 

It is widely recognized that childhood obesity is a serious public health threat, disproportionately affecting racial minorities and low-income families, and increasing a child’s risk for disease. Schools need cost-effective opportunities for physical activity and nutritional education to help combat this health crisis. CYCLE Kids provides exactly that opportunity; we are unique in curriculum and capable of reaching a large population of children. We strive to transform communities from the ground up, energizing children who will educate parents and mobilize neighborhoods around healthy, safe, and environmentally-sustainable physical activities.   


  • We encourage confidence, curiosity, and independence, support efforts to live more environmentally-conscious lifestyles, and teach children skills they will have for a lifetime.  
  • We know tapping into the joy of bike riding increases the efficacy of other lessons, like nutrition and literacy, and creates an avenue to foster meaningful mentorships.
  • We believe the health of our kids, our communities, and our planet is critically important.