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Buy A CYCLE Kids Bike Jersey

Buy A CYCLE Kids Bike Jersey

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Price: $125.00

Be part of our mission when you join team CYCLE Kids.  You’ll get to share your passion for biking and spread the word about our program. As part of Team CYCLE Kids you will be part of a community that keeps you connected to your values.

For a tax-deductible donation of $125 (plus $8.50 shipping and handling), you receive a bike jersey and make an oath to be our ambassador. We ask you to wear your jersey whenever possible when you’re out riding for fun, training, or racing. As our ambassador, we ask you to tell other people about CYCLE Kids and the work we are doing in an attempt to recruit team members, possible sponsors, and find schools, communities, or community centers that want a CYCLE Kids program.

Team CYCLE Kids Mission

Team CYCLE Kids is a community of cyclists whose integral passion for fitness drives them to share that love with the younger generation. As advocates of CYCLE Kids, the team raises awareness about the childhood obesity epidemic – both within the endurance sport community, and in their community at large – through training, racing, and event participation in a CYCLE Kids bike jersey.

Team CYCLE Kids Pledge

As a member of Team CYCLE Kids, I pledge to:

  • Make a donation in the amount of a $125 to CYCLE Kids, and receive a team jersey.
  • Wear my Team CYCLE Kids jersey whenever possible.
  • Be a CYCLE Kids ambassador by introducing CYCLE Kids to possible sponsors and schools.
  • Encourage my friends and family to join Team CYCLE Kids and actively participate in efforts to reduce childhood obesity.

Thank you for your support!