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February 2, 2011

Fitness Mag 2011

Seven years ago on a bike ride with a friend, Julianne Idlet had an epiphany: “We were discussing the rise in childhood obesity,” she says. “Suddenly I had the simple idea that more kids needed to ride bikes more often, and I could help.” So Julianne, 51, at that time a coach for the Harvard University cycling team and a marketing executive, founded Cycle Kids, a nonprofit that teaches fourth and fifth graders to ride bikes and make smart food choices. The organization works with schools in at-risk communities to create a six-week program that provides students with access to bikes and helmets, and teachers with a biking-basics curriculum. What started as an experiment for 100 kids in the Boston area ballooned to a program for 1,000 this year, with plans to go national. Julianne says, “I want everyone to be able to experience the emotional and health benefits of being active.”

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