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November 30, 2012

First NYC Fundraiser with Olympic Athlete Evelyn Stevens

On November 30th, CYCLE Kids and Olympic cyclist Evelyn Stevens kicked off a partnership at the Tribeca Grill in Manhattan to bring biking and nutrition education to children in NYC and beyond. Schools in Bedford-Stuyvesant have been eager to implement our proven, effective curriculum for their students. Together with Evie, we took huge strides towards that goal. A collective passion for youth cycling filled the Tribeca Grill as competitive cyclists and enthusiasts came out in full support. At our first ever event in NYC, the generosity of Evie and her friends made it possible for children in two schools in Bedford-Stuyvesant to have the opportunity to call themselves a “CYCLE Kid!”

A special thank you to local news sources and blogs such as NY Daily News, NY 1, womenscycling, and Velojoy who featured the event on their websites; and to local bikes shops such as Strictly Bicycles and coffee shops and bakeries, such as Bunburry’s and Gypsy Donut, who displayed event flyers along the popular 9W bike route, reaching hundreds of NY and NJ cyclists each weekend leading up to the event. One such event flyer attracted a couple that came to be the owners of Evie’s 2012 team bike, generously donated by Team Specialized lululemon. As a testament to the popularity of the 9W bike route, it was the chosen destination of the following morning’s group ride with Evie and attendees from the CYCLE Kids event. 

Finally, a warm thank you to all who joined us at the Tribeca Grill!

See photos here.


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