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November 5, 2012

CYCLE Kids Programs in Georgia and Texas

2012 was a year of unprecedented growth for CYCLE Kids! We’re proud to acknowledge our program has travelled to Georgia and Texas, and, in early 2013, we’ll be operating a new East Boston school. We’re especially thrilled to note that these expansions were made possible by the extraordinary personal efforts of our supporters, proving that passionate people can create meaningful change.

Inspired by the efficacy of the CYCLE Kids program that mirrored his own values, CYCLE Kids marathoner Peter Staneland and the Corpus Christi Cycling Club raised all the funds necessary to bring CYCLE Kids to Texas. The program began on August 17th during the London Independent Elementary School’s physical education classes. The inaugural classes loved the program – they’ve learned to fit helmets and bikes, and bonded as a class over the project of getting everyone to ride.

Two-time CYCLE Kids marathoner Scott Freed also imported CYCLE Kids to his home state. Freed facilitated the donation of all the bikes and helmets necessary to implement a CYCLE Kids program in the Whitefoord Community Program, which serves students of Whitefoord Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. WCP was especially interested in CYCLE Kids since it works as a perfect antecedent and complement to Bike Rite, an afterschool program that promotes health through bicycling, community service, and academic achievement.

Finally, thanks to a generous anonymous donation paired with a CYCLE Kids grant, Samuel Adams Elementary in East Boston will implement their first CYCLE Kids program in early 2013! We’ve proven that the excitement of riding bikes motivates kids towards literacy; they’re enthusiastic about reading and writing about bikes. But these excited kids also ask questions and enter into discussions, improving language skills and vocabulary. With 68% of Sam Adams’ students learning English outside the home, we think this school is a perfect fit for our ambitious and comprehensive curriculum.

Many, many thanks to all of our advocates who support our mission and inspire our passion!


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